A Big Thank You For All The Testimonials


2019 has continued in the same vein with lots more clients emailing in with their kind words. Feedback like this is so encouraging for the team here at PChelp4U as we strive to deliver a better and better service. A big thank you to all of you who took the time to write these.

All our testimonials can be found by clicking

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Microsoft Update Alert


Recent patches contained a few surprises and some significant bugs, but they were largely fixed around the end of June. The big problem is that, despite Microsoft’s assurances, Windows 10 1803 does not appear to be ready for use.

Microsoft’s patches in June had some surprising outcomes. Windows 7 PCs with older, 2002-era Pentium III machines got their patching privileges revoked without warning or explanation (and a documentation cover-up to boot), but there’s little sympathy out there for elderly PCs.

Windows 10 1803

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Are your Windows programs up to date?

update image

1999 saw the emergence of Melissa, a PC virus that engulfed the globe. Designed by David Lee Smith, he named the virus after a stripper and, once released, it caused mayhem forcing large companies to shut down their email gateways and Microsoft to spend years rewriting Windows XP. This one security breach was undoubtedly influential in spurring on Bill Gates to initiate a half a billion dollar project implementing what he called Trustworthy Computing which focused on threat modelling, code reviews and penetration testing. As

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Newbury Computer Repair For Home Users

Donnington Castle, Newbury

Our computer repair and support services in Newbury have proved to be in high demand and feedback has been extremely positive. Testimonials have been greatly appreciated and many clients have found the contact form found here on our website to be a nice, easy way to request our IT services. Our response to these requests has been timely and efficient and we are rapidly building a positive presence and excellent reputation in Newbury. Below are some of our Newbury clients’ thoughts on our home, computer

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Abingdon Computer Repair For Home Users

Abingdon Computer Repair

The response to our computer repair advertising for home users in Abingdon has been overwhelming and we now have hundreds of domestic clients on our books, many of whom have signed up to our monthly, remote support cover. Testimonials have been flying in and many clients have found the contact form found here on our website to be a nice, easy way to request our IT services. Our response to these requests has been timely and efficient and I feel that we have coped with

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Great Xmas Deals On New PCs

New Laptops and Desktops for Xmas

Out state of the art new desktops and laptops are literally flying off the shelves – all the latest models supplied with Windows 7 Pro or Windows 10, the choice is yours.

Take the hassle out of buying a new PC without even leaving your home. We will pick up your old PC, transfer everything across to the new one, install the new machine in your home ensuring all your peripherals are installed and running through everything you used to do on the new

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Remote Support Contracts for Domestic Clients

Remote Support

We have been inundated with requests from new and existing clients for our remote support monthly deal, so if you’re not already on an annual remote support contract, you’ll no doubt feel that you’re missing out.

Remote support cover is simple and makes perfect sense. You could be enjoying this hassle free service, spreading your costs across the year and taking all the worry and frustrations, that home computing invariably causes, away. Call us whenever you need to and your call will always be

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Web Design Packages: Why Choose All Inclusive?


Everything You Need To Be Online With Web Design Packages

For most businesses, setting up their website and creating an online presence is probably the most important thing they will need to do. Simply put, if you want your business to succeed nowadays, you need to be visible on the web.

What might have seemed simple at the outset quickly becomes a time consuming and often confusing process as you attempt to get your brand out there in front of the general public. You will

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Remote IT Support For Home & Businesses


Remote IT Support

As a well known IT Services company in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, our local clients comment on how they appreciate the personal service we offer. For our ‘local’ clients we offer a free call-out service where our support engineers will be able to diagnose any problems with the computer’s hardware or software onsite. Nowadays though most people recognise the efficiency of our remote IT support service. The benefits of remote IT support are huge, from the time your PC develops a problem

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Website Hosting Server Upgrades For Oxford's PChelp4U

redhat website hosting

We have recently upgraded our state-of-the-art web servers for even faster and more secure website hosting, which are now built on Cisco, Juniper and Dell.

Our network operates on industry-leading network equipment from Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks for optimum performance and reliability across the board. We automatically scan for attempted DDoS attacks on our networks, greatly reducing the impact of any attack immediately.

We only use high-spec Dell servers in our data centres, so you can rest assured that your website is running on

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Brand new website for Thame Show


PChelp4U is happy and proud to annouce our completion of Thame Show’s brand new website at http://thameshow.co.uk/. Since the launch, the Thame Show website has had a huge number of visitors each day due to our state of the art optimisation applied to the site. The Oxfordshire based show has been so happy with the work PChelp4U have done that they’ve written us a glowing testimonial – https://pc-help-4u.co.uk/testimonials. We, as a business, are delighted with the result and we hope that the site will really

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Is the Desktop PC in danger of becoming extinct?


Technology has advanced dramatically in the last decade. It wasn’t long ago that the laptop was the pinnacle of portable computing, but times have changed and the technology has changed with it. Nowadays you would struggle to find someone that doesn’t own a smart phone capable of performing almost every task you would need it to do from taking pictures, to sending emails and even booking a flight to Florida for a well-deserved holiday – all of that is possible on a device that can

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Windows 8 ARM deals blow to Firefox & Chrome


Fellow browser competitors Firefox and Chrome are a little upset about the prospect of being shut out in the cold by Microsoft, and Firefox maker Mozilla considers the action to be ultimately bad for customers and water on the fire of competition.

Mozilla and Google will effectively be prohibited from designing a version of their browsers to run on Windows RT machines.

Windows 8 devices, based on ARM processors, will be low-powered machines running Windows RT. As Windows RT is a brand new member of

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PChelp4U in Bicester


That’s right, just like the recent Bicester tornado, PChelp4U are also to take the town by storm. Due to popular demand and following our successful expansion to Hazlemere, we have made the decision to follow suit and continue our expansion to include Bicester and the surrounding villages. PChelp4U, as of today, will be providing IT services for home users and small businesses in and around Bicester with free callout and diagnosis. We have already received numerous calls from the Bicester area looking for a reliable

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New office in Hazlemere


We are proud to announce the opening our new office in Hazlemere and a new addition to the team. Rob brings a wealth of knowledge and will be primarily focused on business growth for support in and around Hazlemere. PChelp4U now have offices in Haddenham, Winslow and Hazlemere due to sustained growth and an increase in demand over the past year or so. Our area is expanding slowly as we become capable of supporting more businesses and homes. Importantly, our service levels remain at the

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Not just Desktop and Laptop repairs


When it comes to PC repairs, PChelp4u don’t just fix your commonal garden Windows based desktop and laptop machines. We repair iMacs, Macbooks, iPhones, iPads, Mac Pros, Mac minis – in fact pretty much any Apple device. Send your device back to the manufacturer and you could be faced with a hefty bill and a wait of 14 days or more to get it back. Not with PChelp4U – we aim to repair and return within 2-3 days maximum and our prices are realistic and

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IT support in Aylesbury


There are many companies offering IT support and PC repairs in Aylesbury, in fact we thought the market was saturated. In light of the number of calls requesting home computer help we have been receiving in recent months, it seems not, or at least there seems to be room for one more small IT business offering excellent services. PChelp4U has built its client base in and around the Aylesbury Vale but historically the majority of our business has been outside of Aylesbury itself – in

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PChelp4U - Success Story in 2011


Looking back over 2011, despite the harsh financial climate, it has undoubtedly been our most successful year to date. Our client base has grown substantially and many local businesses have approached PChelp4U for IT support services. There are too many to mention but some of our new clients include Thame Show, Go Local, British Institute of Energy Economics, UK resourcing, Palmer’s Furnishings, Red Sea Consultancy, White Hart Studio, CTB, VB Services, Coppers & Co Accountants, Claydon Management Services, Xenergie Consulting, Pullen Associates, Bartletts of Buckinhgham,

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Hosting for Thame Show


We are pleased to announce that, not only are we the new chosen IT support provider for Thame Show but, as of this month, we now host and manage their website as well. PChelp4U have been supporting the desktop and server environment for Thame Show throughout 2011. We have achieved a very high level of service for Thame Show throughout the year and we welcome this additional element. The next Thame Show is in the summer of 2013 and we look forward to potentially developing

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Data Recovery Scams


"Who can you trust these days?"…sadly a question on many people’s lips, especially when it comes to handing over your precious data and trusting someone not to rip you off! There are many organisations out there posing as data recovery “specialists” with only one thing on their mind; making as much money out of you as they can. Many of them will offer a free collection and estimate service. Their estimates will usually be very vague at best and will often encompass a range of

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Big Discounts On Windows 7 Upgrades


In 2011, we were inundated with requests for Windows 7 upgrades, both from XP and Vista users. Thanks to your support, we are now able to offer an amazing 20% off all Windows 7 upgrades in January and February 2012. The tangible, improved user experience of an upgrade to Windows 7 is apparent as soon as you switch your PC on and, let’s not forget, Microsoft have now dropped their support for XP. We all knew and loved XP for the many years it thrived

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Our New PChelp4U Website Goes Live


If you’re reading this, you’ll be looking at our brand new website! Our recent association with oneweb has ensured a wealth of knowledge has seeped into the organisation and this website is just one of the products to come out the other side. We hope you enjoy the look and feel of the website and those of you in the know may notice a superficial resemblance to the yet to be released Windows 8. I think I speak for the team when I say we

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