Big Discounts On Windows 7 Upgrades

Windows 7 upgradesIn 2011, we were inundated with requests for Windows 7 upgrades, both from XP and Vista users. Thanks to your support, we are now able to offer an amazing 20% off all Windows 7 upgrades in January and February 2012. The tangible, improved user experience of an upgrade to Windows 7 is apparent as soon as you switch your PC on and, let’s not forget, Microsoft have now dropped their support for XP. We all knew and loved XP for the many years it thrived in the IT world as the preferred chosen platform but all good things come to an end and there comes a time when you must move on! The less mentioned about Vista, the better; probably the most unstable operating system to ever exist since Windows Millenium and I’ve yet to encounter anyone sorry to see it go. Whether you’re on XP or Vista, a Windows 7 upgrade is at worst a very good decision and will offer you countless benefits including most importantly inherent, enhanced security.