Internet Security & Antivirus

internet-security-and-antivirusWe, as a business, have achieved silver partner status with one of the market leaders in the provision of security and antivirus products. PChelp4U have installed thousands of licenses over the years so, rest assured, this software has undoubtedly been tried and tested and passed with flying colours. We don’t believe that there are such things as independent reviews when it comes to this lucrative market so, if you’re prepared to listen to us and our research, we can ensure you have the very best in protection for your business servers and workstations and configure it correctly for your environment. Further to this, with our remote management console, it can be tweaked to every last detail.

The real problem, as we see it, with the majority of internet security and antivirus products out there is still very much the loss of performance to the device it’s installed on. Our recommended security product has been built with that in mind and has such a small footprint and CPU usage that it simply knocks all other products into touch.

We offer a whole variety of products in the range to suit every need and device. Whether you’re looking purchase one or hundreds of licenses, look no further, we can help.

Here’s some more information about our best-selling business product:

Designed to support networks large and small, this product lets you focus on running your business, not your antivirus software. The solution delivers state-of-the-art proactive malware defence without the slowdowns, false positives, and other issues that impact end users and tie up your IT staff. The simplified remote management allows us to oversee security across your entire network from a single location using the remote administration utility. The PChelp4U team can enlist a range of customisation and reporting features to tweak the system security as you need it.

Not only can you gain IT benefits from using this product, it also provides your company with business benefits. The software allows you to keep administrators abreast of network security from outside your offices. Take advantage of advanced monitoring and reporting tools for complete oversight and to take immediate action.
It also gives you the power to prevent employee access to non-work-related websites, increasing employee productivity. Keep your computers running smoothly and extend the lifetime of your hardware. Keep out distractions like pop-ups during presentations or slideshows. Not only this, it is also built to preserve network speed and to allow for smooth and reliable operation- that comes with a range of tools and customisation options to ensure a consistent level of security.

In order to administrate this software effectively, the product allows us to manage all past, present and future ESET Security solutions from a single location, putting PChelp4U in perfect control of your network security.