Data Recovery Scams

Data recovery"Who can you trust these days?"…sadly a question on many people’s lips, especially when it comes to handing over your precious data and trusting someone not to rip you off! There are many organisations out there posing as data recovery “specialists” with only one thing on their mind; making as much money out of you as they can. Many of them will offer a free collection and estimate service. Their estimates will usually be very vague at best and will often encompass a range of £500 or more from the best scenario to the worst. Guess which one you’ll pay? Well actually, in a lot of cases, neither. These scoundrels will pretty much hold you to ransom as they know, once they’ve gotten hold of your data, they have the upper hand, and once they’ve gauged how precious that data is to you, you can be sure that the price they quote you will not be proportionate to the actual work they will undertake. My advice, stick with your local recommended IT business. It is a common misconception that data recovery is a job for the large organisation. You’ll be surprised, certainly in the case of PChelp4U, just what services are on offer. We always offer fixed price quotes and those quotes resemble the effort required and complexity of the job. Don’t fall for the scams!!