IT Support For Home Users

domestic it support
Software Rebuilds & Upgrades

We will provide you with a fixed price quote, make detailed notes of your exact requirements, pick up the machine, take it back to our workshop and return within the time agreed. When the machine is returned, we carry out a full installation in your home or office making sure all peripherals and connections are working as they were prior to the rebuild. Our aim is to minimise impact to our clients as much as possible and this is achieved by at least 90% of the work being done in our workshop, not in your home or office at the expense of your time.

If you have XP or Vista, we will offer you the option of upgrading to Windows 7 as part of the rebuild. This does not incur any additional labour charges but just the cost of the Windows 7 license itself, which we sell at a discounted rate.

New Installations

Thinking of purchasing new IT equipment such as laptops, tablets, desktops, routers, printers, smart phones. Send us your quotes and we’ll match or beat them and deliver to your home free of charge with full warranty. We can recommend, procure, install and configure your new kit at a moment’s notice. Should there be any problems with the kit, you will have a single point of contact, namely PChelp4U, to get those problems sorted quickly and efficiently. We aim to make things really easy for you when ordering your new kit and you’ll be surprised how fast we can turn things around.

  • Full warranty
  • Price match
  • Free delivery, installation and configuration plus full advice following installation
Hardware Maintenance & Upgrades

Rest assured, before we carry out substantial software related work to your computer, we will run full diagnostics on the hardware to make sure it’s not faulty – that way we don’t waste our time and you don’t waste your money. In our fully-equipped workshop, hardware maintenance and upgrades can be done in an orderly and efficient manner. We install only quality parts and if cost is an issue, we keep a selection of reconditioned parts in stock.

It is a common misconception that simply adding more RAM to any machine will make it faster. All part of our domestic IT support, we will advise you of the best solution and ensure you get the functionality and performance you require from your computer.

Wireless Setups & Networking

Find out the truth about wireless and how to use it responsibly. Make sure you’re fully secure and the gate is locked! Print, access files and surf the web anywhere in the house or office. This is by no means new technology but many households are still using it incorrectly and inefficiently. Let us advise you how you can get the best out of your router, maximise your wireless speed and range and prevent those frustrating “drop-outs”. We have all become so reliant on our internet connection for many day to day activities these days and most of us access it wirelessly so it really is important that things are set up correctly with your specific requirements in mind. Every day, on our travels, we hear of the disappointment experienced by home users when it comes to the service they are being provided by their Internet Service Provider. If you require quick, professional help in this area, no longer do you need to sit on the phone for hours to a call centre, just give PChelp4U a call and we can advise you on the best solution for you and, if needs be, liaise with your ISP directly to get things resolved without wasting your precious time.


As part of our domestic IT support, we offer remote training. Here are some of the popular requests we receive:

  • Windows training – whatever the version of OS – XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, we can help and advise
  • MS Office – need to spruce up your skills on this ever popular suite, give us a call
Remote Support

If you need help and you just can’t wait for us to come out to you, here’s the solution. With your permission, PChelp4U can put in place a remote support solution where we can have access to your machine within seconds of you calling.

More and more of our clients are asking for this service and we are able to fix most software issues remotely – how does this benefit you?

  • A quicker resolution of you problem
  • No need for you to be in at the time we fix the issue
  • Save yourself money – remote support charges are of course less than if we have to come out to you
Data Recovery

Causes of data loss
From the most simple to the most complex and catastrophic data loss situations.

Types of devices and systems
We can recover data from hard drives, laptops, MP3 players and more.

Types of media
Including, tapes, digital cameras, PDAs, MP3, memory cards, Flash and solid state media and many more.

Support Agreements

This is certainly something for you to consider and many of our existing clients are now choosing to pay us a set figure each month. How will you benefit from this:

  • Your calls will be prioritised above normal support calls so your problems will get resolved much faster
  • Complete peace of mind that your IT support and costs are already covered
  • Support whenever you need it without the hassle
  • Save yourself money! Once you realise just how helpful we can be and how often you need to call us, the most cost effective way forward will probably be to pay us monthly and with agreements from as little as £10 / month, why wouldn’t you consider this option very seriously?