Windows 8 ARM deals blow to Firefox & Chrome

Windows-8-tabletFellow browser competitors Firefox and Chrome are a little upset about the prospect of being shut out in the cold by Microsoft, and Firefox maker Mozilla considers the action to be ultimately bad for customers and water on the fire of competition.

Mozilla and Google will effectively be prohibited from designing a version of their browsers to run on Windows RT machines.

Windows 8 devices, based on ARM processors, will be low-powered machines running Windows RT. As Windows RT is a brand new member of the Windows operating system family, Microsoft seem able to impose these competition blocking tactics although many people perceive this as stirring up the settled legal bone of contention concerning browser bias.

This counter-attack by Microsoft, as it’s perceived, may not have Google and Mozilla shaking in their boots right now as this will only affect tablets, initially at least. But, looking at the bigger picture from a long term perspective, this could have serious repercussions as ARM processors are more widely used and the Windows RT footprint grows. It is foreseeable that ARM will find its way into laptops and all-in-ones as this would be a very easy transition from tablets.

HP are betting their tablet future on Windows 8 – if I were CEO at Mozilla or Google, I would be taking this new threat from Microsoft very seriously indeed. Needless to say, PChelp4U will be watching Windows 8 and how the battle between Microsoft, Mozilla and Google develops with great interest.