Domestic IT Services

The importance and value of a local support from PChelp4U cannot be overstated. When an elderly PC persistently “froze”, it was not only cured, but cleaned up to such extent that it now performs faster than ever before. When the power pack hardware failed, a replacement was provided and fitted within hours. When a newish laptop seemed to commit suicide through a trojan horse infection, PChelp4U managed to restore all the data files, add improved security, and clean out all the redundant software so as to boost start-up and performance. I am impressed that work is carried out quickly and that the quoted repair times and costs have been adhered to at all times. An excellent local service!”
Neil Dury, Haddenham

Domestic IT Services – Tailored For The Home PC, Mac or Laptop User:

When you’re a home user and looking for help with your PC and peripherals, it’s not really a big secret as to what you’re looking for – a reliable, cost-effective, professional service. I think we’d all agree on that, but if that’s the case and we all know it, why do we hear daily from our clients that they just haven’t been able to find those 3 simple things until they met us?

We at PChelp4U always were and still are amazed by this and that is why we’re still thriving as a business and our numerous domestic IT services clients come back to us time after time – simply because we provide those 3 basic but seemingly rare necessities of good service and we don’t intend to ever stop!