Internet Security & Antivirus

Internet Security & AntivirusHome internet security & antivirus has become a critical issue. We don’t just recommend anything to our clients; we recommend the best! The choice of which security software to install is the most important decision you’ll make regarding your computer and, get it right, it can save you a lot of money over the years. Viruses are rife and far more sophisticated in modern days than they used to be. No longer can you rely on free security downloads and hope you’re safe. The security we recommend has been tried and tested by our clients for the past four years and we have received nothing but 100% satisfaction. Here’s why:


In order to be effective at stopping the onslaught of malware out there, a solution has to be stable, precise, and flexible.

Speed & Performance

You won’t have wait for your antivirus scan to finish before your computer starts up. Our recommended security consistently has the lowest impact on system performance and the least memory usage among leading antivirus solutions, per tests performed by independent organisations.


In addition to awards for superior performance of its security solutions, this security software has received numerous accolades and award nominations recognising the company’s sustained growth, as well as activities outside computer security.


This security provider has been the leader in developing proactive computer security solutions for more than 20 years. The unified scanning core supports a breadth of operating systems and platforms with products which have been certified by a range of bodies.