Great Xmas Deals On New PCs

New Laptops and Desktops for Xmas

Out state of the art new desktops and laptops are literally flying off the shelves – all the latest models supplied with Windows 7 Pro or Windows 10, the choice is yours.

Take the hassle out of buying a new PC without even leaving your home. We will pick up your old PC, transfer everything across to the new one, install the new machine in your home ensuring all your peripherals are installed and running through everything you used to do on the new

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Is the Desktop PC in danger of becoming extinct?


Technology has advanced dramatically in the last decade. It wasn’t long ago that the laptop was the pinnacle of portable computing, but times have changed and the technology has changed with it. Nowadays you would struggle to find someone that doesn’t own a smart phone capable of performing almost every task you would need it to do from taking pictures, to sending emails and even booking a flight to Florida for a well-deserved holiday – all of that is possible on a device that can

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Windows 8 ARM deals blow to Firefox & Chrome


Fellow browser competitors Firefox and Chrome are a little upset about the prospect of being shut out in the cold by Microsoft, and Firefox maker Mozilla considers the action to be ultimately bad for customers and water on the fire of competition.

Mozilla and Google will effectively be prohibited from designing a version of their browsers to run on Windows RT machines.

Windows 8 devices, based on ARM processors, will be low-powered machines running Windows RT. As Windows RT is a brand new member of

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