Microsoft Update Alert


Recent patches contained a few surprises and some significant bugs, but they were largely fixed around the end of June. The big problem is that, despite Microsoft’s assurances, Windows 10 1803 does not appear to be ready for use.

Microsoft’s patches in June had some surprising outcomes. Windows 7 PCs with older, 2002-era Pentium III machines got their patching privileges revoked without warning or explanation (and a documentation cover-up to boot), but there’s little sympathy out there for elderly PCs.

Windows 10 1803

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Are your Windows programs up to date?

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1999 saw the emergence of Melissa, a PC virus that engulfed the globe. Designed by David Lee Smith, he named the virus after a stripper and, once released, it caused mayhem forcing large companies to shut down their email gateways and Microsoft to spend years rewriting Windows XP. This one security breach was undoubtedly influential in spurring on Bill Gates to initiate a half a billion dollar project implementing what he called Trustworthy Computing which focused on threat modelling, code reviews and penetration testing. As

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Remote Support Contracts for Domestic Clients

Remote Support

We have been inundated with requests from new and existing clients for our remote support monthly deal, so if you’re not already on an annual remote support contract, you’ll no doubt feel that you’re missing out.

Remote support cover is simple and makes perfect sense. You could be enjoying this hassle free service, spreading your costs across the year and taking all the worry and frustrations, that home computing invariably causes, away. Call us whenever you need to and your call will always be

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PChelp4U - Success Story in 2011


Looking back over 2011, despite the harsh financial climate, it has undoubtedly been our most successful year to date. Our client base has grown substantially and many local businesses have approached PChelp4U for IT support services. There are too many to mention but some of our new clients include Thame Show, Go Local, British Institute of Energy Economics, UK resourcing, Palmer’s Furnishings, Red Sea Consultancy, White Hart Studio, CTB, VB Services, Coppers & Co Accountants, Claydon Management Services, Xenergie Consulting, Pullen Associates, Bartletts of Buckinhgham,

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